Squatty potty video

Check out the viral hit we produced with a magical pooping unicorn as well as other Squatty Potty videos and media appearances. Gold is a ‘before-you-squat’ potty spray uniquely created by Squatty Potty. Slay your poo-stink with just a few sprays into the toilet bowl.

The holiday season is usually busy for Squatty Potty, a plastic step known as the stool for better stools, but it took a pooping unicorn to drive its . The Original Squatty Potty – Made in U. As seen on Shark Tank and The Howard Stern Show; The Squatty Potty Original has sizes that work perfectly with . We’ve pioneered the combination of two disparate worlds: brand advertising and infomercials.

You may have seen our magical pooping unicorn commercial. Wij praten geen poep”, zegt de website van SquattyPotty. Gehurkt poepen is een term die de laatste tijd steeds vaker te horen is in de media. Educational video about the effects of improper toilet posture and how it can affect your health. Bizarre advert for the new Squatty Potty features unicorns pooping ice cream in a bid to get you to change the. The Squatty Potty brand wants to bring the product to the attention of everyone, with a video campaign featuring soft serve unicorn poop ice . A unicorn teaches us all how to have better bowel movements in this video.

The Squatty Potty Wants To Help You Poop Like A Unicorn. Why you’re more likely to buy a PROPPR than a Squatty Potty.

If we had a dollar for every time someone has said “have you seen that Unicorn video? Squatty Potty video goes viral: but does it work? Join Tim Reid as he chats with Squatty Potty founder and viral video creator Bobby Edwards.

This is an amazing marketing success story.