Interproximal brush

Interdental brushes serve as an alternative to flossing; they can be used daily and can be more effective for interproximal plaque removal than . An instructional video on how to use an interdental brush. TePe’s interdental brushes are available in several sizes and different designs for gentle and efficient interdental cleaning.

Space-filling, effective and gentle: CURAPROX interdental brushes clean the entire critical interdental space effectively and without injury. This is another name for the interdental brush: this is a special type of toothbrush which is used to clean between the teeth and the area .

Having the right tool for the job makes a big difference. Dental floss interdental brushes are top tools for the between teeth cleaning task at . When you use only a toothbrush, of dental plaque of (interdentium) between teeth are left behind! Delicate interdental Brush suited for removing interdental plaque.

We developed different sizes for I shape and different sizes for L shape in order to match . Photograph showing several types of interdental brushes.

Cleaning the adjacent tooth surfaces with a wide interdental space. Buy Plackers Interdental Angled Brush, Count on Amazon. Ultra friendly pivot head adjusts for easy access to both anterior and posterior . Q Brush Interproximal Brush is currently available in different sizes and unique handle designs to allow access to every part of your mouth. The highly innovative TePe Interdental Brush, together with our toothbrushes, specialty brushes and dental sticks are used daily by consumers and dental . When using dental floss or an interdental brush, check the locations of gaps between the teeth using a mirror, and pay attention so as not to damage your gums. NEXADENTAL releases new interproximal brush called the Q Brush. Our Premium Interproximal Brushes are made with durable Dupont nylon bristles and stainless steel stem wire.

The brushes are tapered and graduated in size . Eight brushes in a variety of sizes, extra soft bristles. TePe Interdental brushes sample pack. Slim plastic toothpick for tight interproximal spaces. Brush between your teeth with the original and still the best colour coded interdental brushes. A complete range of nine colour coded sizes to fit all interproximal . Order today and see the Dental supply savings firsthand!

Picnix Interproximal Brushes Display Pack. An interdental brush is a tiny toothbrush created to thoroughly clean the spots between teeth, known as interproximal spaces. Interdental Brushes or Interproximal Brushes are home oral care dental tools for cleaning hard-to-reach spaces between teeth and for use around dental . Buy Tepe Angle Yellow Interdental Brushes at Dentalshop, the UK’s leading online discount dental product supplier. Colgate interdental brushes are recommended to aid patients with interproximal plaque removal.

It has a Unique Triangular Brush Head with Tri Proxi ? Unique triangular brush head and handle design in a variety of sizes to suit. Colgate’s interdental brush has been designed to effectively remove plaque .