Braille skateboarding

COM is a by skateboarders and for skateboarders channel! We do a lot of tutorial videos and even have a service where you can . With Skateboarding Made Simple anyone can learn how to skateboard and do .

SKATEBOARDING MADE SIMPLE VOL GRINDS AND SLIDES! Braille Skateboarding – We teach people how to skateboard. AARON KYRO Founder of Braille Skateboarding.

My name is Aaron Kyro and I have been skateboarding and making videos for the last years of my life.

Braille Skateboarding is a group of skaters from California. They are best known for their Skateboarding Made Simple and Skate Everything . I personally like the channel and enjoy. Videos Featuring Braille Skateboarding. Skateboarding WOODWARD WEST EPIC DAY IN THE . The last time the amateur scientists at Braille Skateboarding tested a deck made from a sheet of glass, it shattered as soon as they stepped on it .