Alsident system

Voor de gezondheid schadelijke stoffen moeten volgens de voorschriften direct bij de verontreinigingsbron worden afgezogen. Get a cleaner working environment with an extraction arm from Alsident System. We focus on quality, function and efficiency in our products.

System is very applicable in trades with small pollutants, such as the electronics industry, laboratories, dental clinics, laser technologies, classrooms at . System Aluminium is particularly applicable in trades such as laboratories, laser technique, hospitals, chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries as well . Opnå et renere arbejdsmiljø med sugearme fra Alsident System, der fjerner forureningen ved kilden. Alsident System har fokus på kvalitet og funktionalitet.

Local extraction must be established at processes developing unhealthy or disturbing pollution such as dust, fume and foul smell. System Teleskopic is particularly applicable for stationary work stations such as extraction from vessels or at weighing stations. System is suitable in the electronics industry, laboratories, dental clinics, hairdressing salons, nail studios, schools and more.

Standaard afzuigarm van Alsident, voor plafondmontage, scharnieren en voorzien van een kap. Alsident afzuigsystemen voor elke werkomgeving waar . Alsident System is a manufacturer of precision fume extractors for local exhaust. Legislation often requires individual fume extraction systems for the protection of . Canadian Scientific Lab Systems is Canada’s premier distributor of Alsident and its extensive catalog . ALSIDENT suction arm DN (AL) 4mm, white, table mounted.

Extractor tube for the connection to ALSIDENT suction arms SYSTEM (AL). Alsident System Aluminum Snorkel Arms in. Alsident System’s product range also includes work cabinets. The polluting work process is carried out inside the cabinet which encloses the pollution ensuring .